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From The Desk Of Elton Navarro
Hi!  I'm Elton Navarro! Today only I'm offering you an insane deal.  If you ever wanted to make money online..  I've paved the way.  Now that you have access to my 7 Figure Model you will have the training needed to earn high ticket commissions on demand!  Join my Exitus Elite, Black Ops Team, and I will give you Gold Level Access To my Training!

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1st.. My Exact System I use to bank huge commissions on autopilot!

2nd.. The Exact Strategies From A-Z.. that I use to set up, grow, and scale my business!

3rd.. The Exact Sales Funnel I use to earn High Commissions!

4th..  I will personally send traffic into your sales funnel that will get you your first front end sale with within 10 Days in my traffic rotator. Then we will go to work to close your FIRST backend product sale!

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"I'm so grateful and humbled to cross the $50K a month level it's been my goal for some time and now it became my reality! I still need to pinch myself that a project I started just 40 days ago will turn into $54,800 profits lol. I'm thinking how I would have to work 4 and a half years as a bank teller 3 years ago to make this money in a month cause I was making $1K a month, thanks GOD I have no JOB!'!
Vitaliy Dubinin
"Just made a post about this a few hours ago but i can't keep it to myself any longer.
For the past seven days I've been test driving this and seeing the results for myself before sharing it with y'all because i wanted to know that this system actually WORKED before i recommended it to anyone else....
And these are the results.  Seven days in.  My mind is completely blown.
Robbie Godsell
Until now it was darn near impossible for the average joe to make a honest living online. Overhyped, outdated, ineffective systems have plagued the industry.

After seeing so many people struggle to make real money, I set out on a mission to find a solution that works for anyone.  Including someone who is brand new online.  Something that's reliable, and works 100% of the time!  

I stumbled across a few "insiders" and learned about a secret "application only" done for you marketing system that's proven.  This system generates $10,000 - $100,000 + per month in fast automated income!  No B.S.  All that you need to do is drive leads to a ready made High Ticket Sales Funnel.  

I have the applications!  No matter if you're a complete newbie that has never made a dime or a seasoned vet - if you're accepted, you can use the system to bang big bucks, and it's backed by a 100% GUARANTEE.

The beauty of it is you never need to do anything complex!
  •   No Need To Create A Product
  •   Never Need To Build A Website
  •   No Programming
  •   No Merchant Accounts Needed
  •   No Customer Service Needed
  •   No Selling Required
  •   No Technical Skills Needed
  •   No Sales Funnels Needed
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"The Only Online Marketing System That Allows You To Make 100% Automated Commissions of: $1,300, Per Sale!"  Same Day Payout!
"The Automated Sure-Fire Way to Earn $10,000 per month"
"The Sure-Fire Way To Earn $10,000+ Per Month"!
With many Internet Marketing Programs and Affiliate Products, you're looking at making measly commissions of $25 - $50 per sale (on average)

Let's say your ideal income to quit your job and fire your boss to live your dream lifestyle is $10,000 per month.

At $25/sale -> you need 500 x $25 sales = $10,000
At $50/sale -> you need 250 x $50 sales = $10,000

It's safe to say, that is the most difficult way to $10,000 per month for most people.

As soon are you are accepted, you will be working with our company, and we know exactly how to sell on demand, especially expensive high ticket products and services.

Products and services that would be next to impossible to create and sell on your own. 

All you have to do is get plugged directly into our extensive Black Ops Millionaire Mentoring Training Program, and you can learn the FREE Traffic Strategies that we teach, while implementing my Bootcamp Training that will set you up with a custom funnel and front end product where all you have to do is drive leads into the ready made sales funnels we will provide for you and your Millionaire Mentoring Training will kick in and take care of the rest!  

Every time you make a sale, you 100% commissions of $1,000 - $1,300 will be paid directly into your PayPal or Bank Account!  Same DAY!

I really wish I could make it sound more difficult than that, but I simply can't.  
We show you exactly how to get leads, and we will train you specifically to turn your leads into high ticket sales on autopilot!

You point your leads towards the system, and your commissions will go straight into your account every time you make a sale..

With this advanced system, let's have a look at how you can accelerate your income to reach your $10,000 a month in commissions..  

At $1,000 per sale all you need is 5 sales per month..  This is why..

With Exitus Elite..  Every new customer  that you bring in passes up their first "Qualifying Sale" meaning that each new customer represents $2,000

So all you have to do is bring in one new customer per week, and put them into our over $10,000 mentorship program and they can learn to get their sales using FREE methods or what I recommend is do paid and FREE, and double, triple, or quadruple your efforts for less work..

Can you now see why we have complete newbies with ZERO experience reaching 6 figures per month in sales, sometimes within a few months? Because The SECRET is in Selling High Ticket Products!
Revolutionary Done For You Sales & Marketing System 100% Automated
Selling High Ticket Products is the first step in you making High End 6 - 7 Figure Income Online. This is the "Hidden Secret" behind all the successful earners online, and Millionaire Gurus!  Incase you do not know "High Ticket" is products that are over $500 in cost.

However, selling High Ticket Products yourself is not a easy task, it takes a lot of work. When you Join our system today, you will get access to our proprietary done for your sales system that has taken us over 5 years to develop and it does all the selling for you!

Once you join, you will be given the full step by step training on how to implement everything. It's as easy as 5 steps:
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Select from our ever expanding library of pre built high converting lead capture systems, or ready make sales funnels to promote.
Follow our step by step traffic training videos to supply leads into your system on demand and on autopilot.
Our custom email campaigns will start communicating with your leads immediately. Our fully trained professional telesales staff will call your leads, and build a relationship with them, deliver value, and sell them our hight ticket programs!
Every time you make a sale, you earn massive 100% commissions!  Earning massive automated commissions of $1,000 -  $1,300, and per sale on completed autopilot! (Wired directly to your PayPal account single day) Like clockwork!
This is the easiest and fastest way for your to get to $10,000 per month online without the hassles. We have literally thousands of case studies that include newbies that have never worked online reaching six figures in income FAST!
I know that you are ready to skyrocket your income and take your life to the next level. The results you will see will amaze you with our done for you complete internet marketing ATM Machine! Once you dive into both our Millionaire Mentoring and Bootcamp Blueprint, and combine it with the power of this system the resluts will blow your mind!  Click the yellow button below to start now! Headline To Edit
Here's What You Will Get:  
Bonuses You Won't Find Anywhere Else... Guaranteed!
Immediate Access to "Exitus Elite/Black Ops Underground Commission Project" our done for you direct sales system and high ticket affiliate program that deposits $1,000, $1,300 100% commissions into your PayPal on autopilot every two weeks. (complete with our flagship Millionaire Mentoring & Bootcamp training program).
Have immediate access to your very own mentorS that have made Millions of Dollars Online who will guide you through your online journey. You will have someone by your side helping you build your online business. Your Mentors are already long term seven figure earners, and they will be there to hold your hand each step of the way.
You will have our professional and fully certified phone sales team at your beck and call. They will be calling all of your leads for you, and closing your sales on your behalf. This is where the real leverage comes into play, and exactly how you make your high ticket commissions on autopilot.
You will have the most secret insider access to our ever expanding library of the MOST effective sales funnels and high ticket products online. These products and funnels are exclusive and private, for our members.
You will enjoy exclusive access to the most cutting edge strategies that generate traffic online, including YouTube, Facebook, Google, PPV, Banner Ads, Solo Ads, and more. You will get the full step by step training on how to generate the most leads for the best possible price online.
You will get daily motivation and tactical training & strategies that are working right NOW from the TOP Earning Experts in Marketing. We are the only company in the world that gets our top affiliates to show you exactly what they are doing to create success. Everything is divulged, no stone unturned.
You see, with all of this value..  and my done for your high converting sales funnel, you do not have to be an expert to make money with this system. This system is designed to work for anyone who takes action and the success stories just continue to POUR in Every Single Day.

New marketers with little to no experience online are achieving massive results in my system.  Further, there are people who have NEVER achieved any level of success online and now making good money.  Many of which are doing so within their first or second week.  This system with my Blueprint will deliver your results faster than anyone else!  

There is something special about the combination of the two.  It's a perfect marriage between the Perfect Blueprint, and the Perfect System.  This combination allows ordinary people like me and you to follow a PROVEN PROCESS that will never get over saturated, because it's exclusive to us, and we earn sit back and earn high ticket commissions on DEMAND! 

What I love is how this combination allows someone who is brand new to get in the game with the gurus and play the game on a level playing field.  It gives honest people like us the opportunity to create real income, working part time from home.

Plus you will have access to my bonuses for your team.  Because bonuses are proven to increase sales.  Smart Marketers use them to increase their sales and skyrocket their following, attraction and respect causing prospects to invest without hesitation.  

You will be able to LEVERAGE these bonuses to put your above everyone else right out the gate.
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Since I've started marketing online, I've coached many people across the world on how to build their very own successful online business from home from my newsletter, webinars, seminars, live workshops, events and business systems that I've recommended!  I've become a lead trainer for many students.  Many of which have easily become five figure earners, and several six figure earners.

But RIGHT NOW, fresh off the press I have the blueprint in my hand that is 1000X more powerful that anything I've taught before. It's called "Exitus Elite/Black Ops Commission Project" + My Digital Marketing BOOTCAMP Site.  Armed with this combination, I'm on a personal mission to create multiple six and seven figure earners within the next 3 years with Black Ops.  

Right now I'm looking for the perfect person who is committed to their success and sick and tired of living the way they are living their with their current lifestyle, and ready to take instruction and take massive action to take control of their financial destiny once and for all.  

Is that you? Because if it is, I am willing to go all out and give your the unfair advantage that no one else has! 
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Most industry Gurus will never personally speak to you. And if they do, it will cost your $20,000. People pay me $5,000 - $10,000 to personally spend time with me for business mentoring. Those that do come into my mentorship reach the five to six figure income level at a minimum. If you act now, I will personally jump on a call and show you exactly what you need to do to create a 6 figure business for yourself with this business fast! (Value $5,000)
Imagine if I gave you my entire funnel that brings in over $10,000 per day using this system. It's cost me thousands of dollars, countless hours tweaking, months of pain staking work to develop and perfect. Including my capture pages, videos sales letters, the whole shooting mach. Heck all I have to do is redirect your domain, swap our links out with your affiliate links and you're golden. All you will have to do from that point is direct traffic to your page and you will start banking. Do you think you'd make money online faster than the average person? Sign up for this dirty, unfair advantage. ($15,000 value)
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Ok, I've been told I am crazy. But look if you come into Aspire Right away and get positioned, I will give you access to my Digital Marketing Mafia Membership Site. This is where you will have access to everything from A-Z as it pertains to online marketing. Oh, I almost forgot.. You can offer it to your downline for a 50% commission!! Launching very soon! ($2,000 value)
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Follow their guidance and you'll earn more money in 14 days than you ever will watching "how to" training videos at home.  So get connected, follow the steps, and EARN Healthy Profits!

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