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What's up, Elton here!  Thats me and Chris Records right there.  He's the man.  Love that guy!  But back to the topic at hand.  If you are a internet marketer..  I know you want to build a Massive Email List!  

No matter what anyone tells you..  as an affiliate the only real "Asset" that you have is your email list.  Because one day you may loose that loving feeling for your business opportunity, or hell they may vanish.  If so, what will you fall back on?  

Think of it like this...  You have 10,000 people on your list.  That's not huge by any stretch of the imagination.  But they are responsively active on your e-mail list.  You're able to sell them each something each month for $1..   

That small responsive list pays you $10,000 per month just by sending emails.  Further, they have bought from you before so whatever opportunity that you present to them they join you because you have gained their trust and loyalty.  Bam, you've created a loyal tribe of subscribers!   

This eBook has the information included to show exactly how to grow a much bigger list than 10,000 subscribers!   Take that same math we did earlier, and say you have 25,000 subscribers..  And you partner with me one the Secret Sauce of 7 Figure Earners and a High Ticket Offer..

You will be earning 10K, 20K, up to 50K+ per month!

Thats right 50K a month mark is not a unrealistic expectation!

As a marketer you need to have a high converting funnel in place that takes your leads through a process.  

If you are putting you’re offer right behind a capture page with an income claim it’s probably not producing the results you were expecting. 

Your funnel is one of the key elements that must be “High Converting” and “High Value” driven. Your Goal as a Marketer is to craft irresistible offers. Irresistible because of the value that you deliver. Not your results.

Income proof is great, but should not be the end all be all method of bringing in your leads. Once they become a client and don’t get the results, you’ll have problems on your hands. 
This tip is two fold. You need to identify your attractive character.  

You also need to identify your Ideal Customer Avatar.  

Work diligently to always supply value to the marketplace. Don’t take what I’m saying to mean that you should not use income results.  

Income results can be a very persuasive means to get leads to bite. However, the moment your client doesn't have results, guess who they want to blame… YOU!  

So position yourself as a leader and train and nurture your clients, and you will not only be successful once.. But over, and over, and over.. 
The best way that you can resonate with your ideal client avatar is to identify what their problems are.  

You should really dig in and figure out exactly what causes them the most pain.  

Then you should educate yourself on the issue and become an expert in that problem area, and then target your ideal customer with the solution.  

Focus on the problem. Provide the solution, and build a lasting value based relationship with them.  

As you are delivering value you will step into a place of leadership and earn their business. But value and leadership must be in place.
This is one of the many mistakes that I’ve made when starting in the marketing business.  

From conversations I have with other marketers many of them do not have a lead magnet of any kind.  

This is nothing more than a request for data, to bless someone with your offer.  

Would you go on a first date and ask someone to marry you on the first date? This is in essence the same exact theory.  

The first course of action is building a relationship. Then while adding value present offers in a way that they would want to do business with you. 
At this point, we will have identified our ideal client and have gotten them to put their hand up and accept our lead magnet.  

They haven't purchased anything from us yet. But we will find out soon if they will. 

Irregardless, if they do on the first go around or not, you need to put them in your autoresponder sequence.  

That sequence of email should have a dialed in plan of how you will move them up the value ladder. As you are doing this you need to stack value within your follow up email. 

You need to mail value based emails daily where you give them buying opportunities every day!
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